Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cakes that travel ....

‘You can’t carry you can’t bring’ Whom was the bright sparkle that said that?? Oh yes, that was me…..

The one thing my family, friends and work colleagues all have in common is they all question me about how much I tend to take onboard an aeroplane.

I do laugh. Each time we travel for work, the Producer from the Hood looks at me, shakes his head at the amount I take on board and pretends he doesn’t know me by either just simply walking away or stands in the front of the queue and reads the newspaper not acknowledging me. 

A couple of Fridays ago I travelled down to Melbourne with 4 pieces of carry on luggage which did actually include 4 tiers of un-iced wedding cake. Everyone loves cake and its quite funny with the amount of people that state the obvious by saying  ...'Ohhh there's cake in there' .... and yes me being the eternal polite one just kept thinking  ...'well done Sherlock'!!!

The lovely cabin crew attendant did ask me if I realized that 2 pieces was the limit. I said ‘yes I do’ politely and kept walking to my seat. Bless.

This wedding cake was for Sarah and Adam’s wedding day.  I worked with the delightful Sarah in the Middle East and both hands in the air I can say that Sarah is one of those friends that you always need in your life. She had Adam are proof that a work romance can indeed evolve into a deep love for eachother. The both of them are a truly lovely couple and their friends and family that were guests at the wedding proved all of this.

The pictures tell the story for this blog ….the flavours were fruit cake, orange and poppy seed and dark choccie mud. Special mention does go out to Peta and Chris who very kindly leant me their kitchen ….said it before and will say it again .... a caesar stone bench is the bees knees!!!! And also thank you to Sarah who very patiently took me to a few cake decorating shops in Melbourne the day after her Hens so we could prep her cake!!! Told you my friends and family are a big part of my world of cakes. Thank you my lovelies!!!

This was alot to take on board - even for me .....

The cakes up above me ....there were nearly a few choice words when the guy sitting next to me 'chucked' his bag up there ....

10kg tub of icing .... huge trying to break that down ....

1st tier getting dressed ....

1st tier nice and ready ....

All tiers ready to go ... the 7 inch spare orange and poppy seed went straight to the kitchen to be cut up 

Wasn't happy with the cake board so we did the dash to the biggest Bunnings on earth and they cut a few boards up for me.

After an amusing taxi ride with me saying to the driver 'once again, please tell me when you are going to put the breaks on'. He was a bless though and did have to carry the cake for me while I got so elegantly in and out of the car in my dress.

So while the last 3 weekends have included 2 x trips to Melbourne, 1 x trip to Adelaide for work, being at the shop and teaching one class a week, getting time to give my gorgeous niece Thea a cuddle AND  having a life at the same time it was also time to prepare for the trip to Gundagai for Petrice and Mikes wedding.

Where do I start with Mike and Petrice. Frank our boss, introduced them to eachother at the work xmas party nearly three years ago. They had their first kiss that night and haven’t stopped kissing ever since…

Petrice has the pleasure of sitting next to me all day every day at work so in between working alot, talking alot, laughing alot and making lots of cups of tea we have spent many moments discussing their wedding cake.

Ideas, styles, colours came and went and we finally worked out a lovely vintage meets country meets classic type of looking cake.

Mike is from a country town called Gundagai (yes the one which has a song written about it and yes you do start singing it each time the sign goes past with the distance to go).

Gundagai is about a 4.5 hour drive south of Sydney, somewhere on the way to Melbourne .… the wedding was in a gorgeous country church in the the middle of nowhere WITH BOYS IN KILTS AND A BAGPIPE PLAYING!!! No more words need to be said. I was happy. Very happy indeed.

I drove down with the un-iced cakes with the plan to ice them at Mike’s family home on arrival. The frosting needs to need be whipped up for approx 12 mins, and when Mike’s mum presented me with a 35yr old only Kenwood Mixer, my life changed ….sorry to my beloved Kitchenaid but this was amazing.

It was magic and I have already been scouring over Ebay to find one which I have but it’s a pick up only in Adelaide. What a great coincedence that we are going to Adelaide for work next week … don't tell the Producer from the Hood yet though - he might have to pretend its his hand luggage, will surprise him at the airport with that small fact, its often easier….

The reception was a marquee set up on a property by the Murrumbidgee River – perfect setting for a  country wedding. It was the most loveliest day that Mike and Petrice had been planning for the last 12 months and every detail was perfectly thought of from the table settings, to many guests playing cricket to learning how to do the Scottish jig ….


  1. Two gorgeous cakes and two lovely stories to go with it! xx

  2. Great to see the vintage cake you were telling us about Fi (lovely flowers on top too) and yes, our bench top rocks.