Sunday, 31 January 2016

Happy Belated Long Weekend

Hello ... this blog is a week late as we have all been a touch busy of late in the land of Television working on the cycling, HOWEVER its never too late to say 'Happy long long weekend'... please note to all everyone who doesn't live in Australia ... but Australia Day fell on a Tuesday this year so of course 99.9% of Aussies took the liberty of taking the Monday off too, hence the use of the double long long ....

Anyway everyone loves a lamington so this is what I have made for this week.... Can't play by the rules though so this one is a combo of reeipes to make my own. There is a special secret ingredient inside too which everyone at work tomorrow will get to try.

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully tummy rumbles.

ps: I should note that this blog should be sponsored by Woolworths ... I seem to spend half my life in there buying fresh ingredients all the time. Either that or I should take out shares in an IGA store. Imagine that, I could go back to my roots as a checkout chick who scanned 14 items a minute. Yes, yes I did. Held the record for a little while too with that speediness.

Here I am trying to squeeze the juice out whilst taking a picture. PLEASE NOTE THAT I GREW THIS LEMON!!! 1 year ago I bought a lemon and lime tree from Bunnings and now I have fruit. Miracle. I put it down to the bees doing their job well.

This punnett of raspberries was only $3.90 ... BARGAIN. Got get some. And while you are there, blueberries were only a touch more (that's a rarity).

Simmering away for 10 mins. My kitchen smelt divine.

Sifting the flour ... not once, not twice but 3 times.

Adding the Dutch cocoa (again sifted 3 x times) ... and if someone can explain the difference to me about why you have to use Dutch cocoa and not any other nation ... that would be super great.

The mixture as you are stirring it ... still amazes me. 

Pour the mixture in the tins, twist them around 3 x times and then place in the oven (that's just one of my quirky things to do). 

 See amazing ... soft mixture goes in and cake comes out.
This was the awesome part ... the raspberry jam I made, cream and melted chocolate!!!
 The spatula gets a good work out today ...
 Prepped for the fridge ...

The therapy part .... pouring the chocolate and coconut over the lamington cakes

All messed up going to the fridge to set....

And we have the Fiona version of tripple choc raspberry lamingtons ... Enjoy.

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