Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Winter Party Cakes

To be honest its been a couple of months on a roller coaster with the big ups,  a few little downs but all smiling at the end dancing with hands in the air (that's for you Nimmo) .....

All the following cakes will tell their own stories by their pictures so just keep scrolling down and enjoy!!!

Combining Telly World and Cake World .....

Because sometimes there just arn't enough hours in the day. This is how you combine all worlds and get everything done ....This is behind the scenes in MCR at SBS.

The event was the GIRO which is the Italian version of the Tour De France but this time its boys on bikes racing around Italy trying to win a pink jersey unlike the TDF which is the race for the yellow jersey.

Still cant believe 7 years on that the boys on bikes are a big part of my life. Just like the offside rule which I still cant explain to you - I still cant work out the strategy of the peloton v breakaways v sprints but as long as everyone is there onsite and the pictures are coming through and there is not a producer yelling to 'move the sun' (like we have the power to do that) - all is well.

Gerb's 40th  B'day Cake

Happy 40th B'day James Bushy Gerbs .....whichever name that you would like to call him, he will answer to all. Was an absolute honour to make this cake for his special day. Was very funny when Richie, Cam and I got a personal escort into the venue at Manly to get the cake into position. Literally radio escort with the Venue Manager saying 'Excuse me please, the cake is on arrival'.

Gerbs LOVES sport and he is always on his way to touch footy or soccer so thought with his cake I would combine all his passions into the one .....

The cake was 2 x 12inch square choccie muds ... weighed a ton to carry too ....

Was a fabulous night - extra special for Gerbs to have his family and friends there to celebrate with him.

The 1.5m Wedding Cake (not for an actual wedding though)

I was asked by one of our kids production shows to make a 1.5m cake that they were going to fire a cannon ball into (as you do on a cold winters morning up at Terry Hills at half 7).

This would have been way too much time and money to actually bake the layers so I got foam tiers for the majority and covered with icing .... (2 x litres of whippin ice that got everywhere!!!) The budgie wasnt too please when I got some on his cage either ....

Cake Pops

Now one of the reason I love baking and decorating cakes its because it teaches me patience. And nothing teaches me more about patience are these cake pops. They are fiddly and messy but alot of fun at the same time.

Its a great pity with this blog that there is no audio at the same time as I bake as there were quite a few expletives coming out of my mouth. They look as though they should be easy but for some reason the little ones just didnt want to pop out of the tin.

 Before they are baked .... looking grand ....

Straight out of the oven .... still looking grand .... (Notice mum's art cushions too please that she paints!!!)

Just not wanting to come out of pan .... and what you don't see is that this 3 batches later (sorry Alan I know you hate it when I chuck them out but I was too cross) ....

Everyone loves 100 and 1000's .... a nice result for the end .... they actually looked quite cute. Covered in while chocolate and the fun part is putting the sprinkles all over them. These are only really basic ones that I made for a dinner party ... am working up the courage to get more complex.

GIBBO's 50th B'day

I don't know Gibbo - all I know that he is a Northern Beaches guy turning 50 years old and his wife requested a surfing looking van that Gibbo drove around back in the hey day.

Am not very good with vans so each time I saw on in the street I took a photo. Got a few random looks from people.... Never realised too with VW vans just how big the diameter of the logos are ... fascinating isnt it.... (you can all sleep now tonight ....)

Doesn't look it in the pictures but this cake was actually 40 cm in length and 20cm in height. That was a surfboard on top too that was too happy with the humidity of the day and yes I know surfboards don't come with sparkly blue glitter .... but you never know!!!

I am teaching classes now!!!

The show where I work in Willoughby on a Saturday - the cake decorating shop, we have now started teaching classes and I LOVE IT!!! The below are the 6 cupcakes that we do and its awesome. 

Was really nervous for the first class but you get over that pretty pronto once everyone starts walking in asking questions. There were high fives all round once we completed that first cupcake swirl.... everyone had their heads down in such concentration and I give the glass the words in my head to design the swirl ... and when I looked up to see everyone in such deep concentration mode - was brilliant!!!

I like to teach with the idea 'do not follow the rules', create your own ideas, hence the ladybug below with her tongue poking out .... I couldnt help it ...

So the plan is when I get my dream home with biggest dream kitchen and biggest ever kitchen table somewhere down at Freshwater or North Curl Curl, I am going to teach cake classes .... gotta aim for something!!!!

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