Monday, 14 May 2012

Tanya and Wayne's Wedding Cake

I worked with Tanya and Wayne in Doha, Qatar, Middle East in 2006. And honestly if it wasn't for these 2 (and all the other awesome team out there) we would not have all survived it together. We worked with some characters that still make me laugh out loud when I think of them.

Would still love one of us to write memoirs of that particular time of all our lives and what we all went through and the people that we met. Way too many hours of stories.

Wayne and Tanya were in my Operations Team so there were many laughs ahead of us before the seriousness of what we were all actually doing over that side of the world hit us big time.

One night in particular about 4 weeks into the 8 months, a few of us were at that big shopping centre (The Big Trolley) and it started bucketing down with rain (yes in the desert in June in 45 degrees (feels like your head is in an oven).

Very rarely do I spit the dummy but I had it - we couldnt find a taxi, was water everywhere (they don't have drainage in Doha), the locals drive all like learners at over 120kms per hour so you are constantly on edge that this is the last time you will ever be in a car and after Jules, Blebs and I witnessing a local step out in front of a car and not ending up a happy tale, I was already full of confidence.

Anyway, Wayne and Tanya took me to Johnny Rockets Diner on the way back and my love affair with this place began. Never have I experienced such lovely hamburgers and thick shakes (yes its the little things) ....This became a regular outing on our rare days off.

So bring it back to real time now 6 years later and when I found out that Wayne and Tanya were getting married, I put my hand up right away to make their cake.

When I walked into their venue, there was such a lovely feeling about the room.  Alot of love!!! I know I well up quite easily these days (especially when the baby penguins get eaten by some big animal on the David Attenborough Frozen Planet doco) but this was different .... happy tears for them both and the life that they will continue to share and build together!!!

Gorgeous cake - classic and style and the photo doesn't do the deep violet colour justice at all!!! I very much wish Tanya and Wayne such a lovely life side by side with eachother and love it that 2006 will be with us ALWAYS!!!. Even Boofhead should get a mention too ....wouldn't be right otherwise ....



  1. From Tanya: Thank you Fiona for such a beautiful account of our glorious cake and our time in Doha! I have such fond memories of that time with you, working in such harsh conditions. Johnny Rockets was indeed awesome! I'm delighted we got you to make our wedding cake, it was the most beautiful and most importantly, delicious wedding cake I have ever tasted - and everyone agreed! There were a few crumbs left and that was all. Though we did manage to save a little to freeze and enjoy on our first anniversary :) I highly recommend Fiona to anyone wanting a spectacular wedding cake, she is such a pleasure to deal with. Love you Fi Fi xxx

  2. Tanya and Wayne's wedding cakes are awesome. The cake is big part in wedding day celebration. Nice photos and thanks to sharing your wedding party