Monday, 7 May 2012

2012 Sydney Royal Easter Show Cake

Each year I like to have a little list of 'activities to complete' and on the top of that list for a few years has been to enter a cake into the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Step 1 is to get an idea of what sort of cake I would like to create. Several ideas and several changes of mind later, it came down to The Boy From The Hood calling me 'a bit precious' (not in a good way) in December 2010 (when he didn't really know me and I was actually a bit speechless) so I thought of doing The Princess and the Pea as my theme.

Step 2 is to work out how long its going to take from beginning to end. I thought lets not get little events like Xmas, 2 x wedding cakes, The Tour Down Under in Adelaide, The Tracks Worlds in Melbourne and having a life get in the way....its all do able ....

My besties know one of my theories in life ... if there's no time ... just make time and when I get an idea, I don't usually give up ....

Went and spent a small fortune (even after the 30% off discount sale, gotta love that) at Spotlight and Lincraft to purchase materials, sparkles and bedazzles. After growing up with my Mum and Auntie at the Shop, there was never really any doubt that craft stores are in our blood. 

Anyway I knew I could never compete with the regulars who have been entering every year since the 1960's but I had to give it a go ... maybe next year I will get a blue or red ribbon ... the ideas are already there ...

Must also make a special mention to the Tradies that helped me in Bunnings when I really had idea what I was trying to purchase. They would be very good at playing charades or pictionary with me as they knew what I was trying to describe .... was just timber, that's all.

1. Cousin Dave and Olive with the saw thingy cutting out the bed boards for the cake. Look at the concentration on Olive's face .... 

2. Mum and I sharing her kitchen, she's painting ... the 3 x round heads are the figurines drying in the sun.

3. Sorting through which material I wanted to use for the mattresses.

4. The mattresses drying outside - changing the order of them oohh about 15 times. Was really happy with the colours of the materials .... they looked great.

5. Prince William, Princess Mary and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth slowly getting dressed. I modelled the Prince after Prince William and his wedding outfit for last year. (how could you not ...) 

6. Woohoo!!! Got the mattresses in order ....the fluffliness of the pillows were ideal too ...

7. Slowly getting there with the Royals ... my original thoughts for what they would wear changed alot but was happy in the end

8. Nearly have lift off ... everyone is in position

9. Right we have the Royals, the mattresses, the peas, a rug on the floor and a cat on the bed (behind the princess)

After a very wobbily car trip which went from Brookvale to Mosman (all the figurines fell over) to Arndell Park to being behind a bingle on the M4,  a few choice swear words and having 15 mins to get to Homebush, I finally made it to registration. 

The best part was being behind the scenes at the Royal Easter Show and having a sneaky peak at everyones work. You were not allowed to be left alone with the cakes .... not quite sure why, maybe if its you were going to wreck someone elses work .... crikey knows .... but it was all quite official and they don't really have a sense of humour .... I learnt that day not to question the art of quilting ....people dont find it funny ...

10. In the car just after Prince William took a stack, had to prop him back up ... super glue works wonders and handy hint, when your fingers start sticking together, PULL THEM APART QUICKLY!!! DON'T WAIT!!! SUPER GLUE WAITS FOR NO-ONE!!

10. And there we go ... in position and ready to be judged.

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