Monday, 14 May 2012

The Kate Moss Look A Like Cake

An email arrived from Tammy and Matt. An Aussie couple who live over in San Francisco but who were getting married on Sat 28 April down at the Bathers Pavilion in Balmoral. Turns out that as this world is way too small ... I knew Matt the groom through Shelley.

Anyway .... Tammy the Bride requested the cake to look like Kate Moss's wedding cake from her marriage last year ... I thought why not .... no worries ... this was going to be my biggest challenges yet (the cake was also baked and designed by one of my favourite decorators Peggy Porchen over in the UK)!!!

Have a look ... looks easy right .... but each of those little flowers are all piped on and check out the size of the tiers. That is alot of rolling out of fondant with my lucky rolling pin.

Cue the family help ... awesome coincedence that Al (thanks Al) (in our family who is the best sign artist ever and helps me with my arty cakes) was going to be down from Proserpine for the week staying with Mum .... baggsed him in for Thursday and Friday night, Mum cooked lasagna and steak and everyone's a winner.

The sheer size of this cake meant that I was not confident for all 6 tiers to be cake as its too heavy. So I did the top tier as a fruit cake, 2nd tier as choccie mud, 3rd tier as FOAM (love it), 4th and 5th tier as choccie mud and the 6th tier which was a whopping 16 inch as a FOAM cake .... you try rolling out enough fondant for that ....

Back to basics for you all ... getting the fondant ready in position to be rolled out ....its actually quite relaxing at the same time .... 

There's Al just doing the old DC to make sure I rolled out enough fondant .... that time I actually did

Al starting to stamp out over 200 flowers and me somewhere in background multitasking with cupcakes at the same time

Slowly starting to take shape .... forgot to take more pics after this point as it was past midnight, my back and legs were aching from standing and we still had 4 more layers to prep even though I am one of the most patient people in this world ... even I was slowly starting to say a few choice words ....

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