Sunday, 10 March 2013

2013 Royal Easter Show - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It's that time of year again ... The Sydney Royal Easter Show. Time to enter my cake into the annual competition and to try not to get disqualified this year .... Again thank you Lorraine hyphen hyphen.

Anyway have a sneaky peak .... see how many of the items you can pick out from the story.

Its a 360 degree cake as he does get through quite a bit of food ...

Think back to your pre-school days .... when life was so easy and all you had to worry about was what colour play-doh you were going to eat that day or if you wanted to do finger painting or instead of learning how to cut out shapes ....

In my family I am known for my memory. I can actually tell each of you where we first met and what you first said to me and if you are lucky, what you were wearing .... I still look back through my pre-school yearly photo and can name the majority of my friends. Would still like to question my mum though on why she thought it was acceptable to dress me in a pink skivy .... please!!!!

Anyway each day when it came around to book time, without a doubt I would always go for 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. It was my favouite. I never had it at home and the cousins didn't either so I took the opportunity whenever possible to just sit quietly (rare occurance) and turn the pages slowly and each time when the double page of all the food appeared ... I was a happy girl.

The other reason I decided on this cake was because one of my colleagues from SBS named Vitor, we nicknamed him The Hungry Caterpillar as we needed to make sure he had food around him every few hours or otherwise not much was going to get done.

Picture this. It was 2009 and Vitor the Journo, Ryan the Cameraman and me the Production Manager were travelling around South Africa for The Confederations Cup which is the comp in the lead up to the World Cup.

We were in a town called Rustenburg which is about 3 hours north of Johannesburg by car. We had a few hairy scary drives back and forth but we were getting prepped for an evening game with South Africa v Spain. We went to the supermarket to buy some food as there were not very many safe places to stop and have a snack in the towns on the way up there.

The weather was cold. Very cold. About 2 degrees literally cold. I was even wearing a beanie which I never ever do. That's how cold it was. Just quietly too, I thought I was safe and no one would catch me wearing a beanie but little did I know that when I was testing the IFB for Vitor with the SBS Sydney Studio ... the feed was actually going around the world. My friends at SNTV in London had more than great delight in telling me!!!

Anyway I gave my game ticket to Ike our driver because as mentioned, it was very cold and those bloody horn things that make the most hideous sound were driving me bananas.

Was settled in the media centre and it was about halfway through the game and I felt a tap on my shoulder. A girl about 18yrs old who was one of the cleaners asked if she could sit down and watch the game with me. Sure why not ... she was only wearing flip flops too and no winter jacket so she must have been numb. I was snacking on my usual sandwich and crisps and as I was about to take my last bite ... she asked if she could have some food too.

I didn't even think twice. I handed over Vitor's food. All of it. I thought that if she had the courage to ask me for food cause she was hungry, then who was I not share out Vitors food. Must have looked like a good site with the two of us sitting together from completely different walks of life and watching the football.

The look on Vitors face too when he asked me where his food was and I had to explain ..... it was priceless!!! Don't worry though ... as it was a Saturday, just like the very hungry caterpillar, we got Vitor a hamburger, hot chips, nuggets and even a sweet to go with it .... and he was happy!!! Peace was restored.

My poor lounge room being taken over over my the world of cakes.

All the pieces set to go ...

Settled in at the Show ... they are very particular about the photos you take out there and not supposed to get anyone elses int eh back ground ... which is a shame cause the Taj Mahal behind mine, was incredible!!!


  1. Oh lovely! Amazing cake and fabulous story! I love that you didn't even hesitate to give away Vitor's food, that made me laugh out loud! The kids gave the cake the tick of approval too! I hope you do well. x

  2. One of my favourite books (and my kids, they have no choice :) ). Fantastic looking cake, clever lady!! A cake at the Easter Show, wow!! xx