Sunday, 31 March 2013

The one where our 'Kiels' gets married ....

Rightio ... Happy Easter to everyone. Not matter what your religious beliefs are for this weekend, its just nice that we can all agree to eat chocolate. No more needs to be said.

When Petrice and I at work are not discussing my distaste for black biro pens (irrational I know), we are usually playing the Big Brother game and working out who in our working environment would be up for eviction. And please, we are quite fair as we have nominated ourselves some weeks too ....

One person that would never be up for nomination and I know everyone agrees with me, is one of our Producers called Kiels. Unbeknown to us we have been pronouncing his surname incorrect for the last few years but he's OK with that. We have it right at the moment.

Anyway. Kiels and his lovely new wife Viv are over here in Australia all the way from London UK. They have settled here and I hope its for a long while. I first worked with Kiels back at SBS and now we are fortunate enough to have him sometimes working with us on the 'boys on bikes'.

When we work on one of big events we have an incredible mix of personalities that need to get on in an intense time of our lives. We work long hours over many days under stressful conditions but hey we do it because we love it at the some time. You need Kiels on your production team, he just makes the atmosphere lighter and he's had the joy of sitting next to me on a couple of flights and is nice and calm when the plane wobbles a bit.

Kiels and Viv had their wedding day last week up at the Hunter Valley. The plans all sounded lovely, nice and intimate with just them and people close to them both. Its very difficult when you are across the other side of the world away from everyone you grew up with (I lived overseas for 7 years), but it sounds like they had fabulous beautiful day.

Kiels and Viv asked me to make their wedding cake, cupcakes, cookies and gingerbreads people (see pics below) a couple of months ago and typical me said of course why not, anything to help make their day super special. I just didn't realise how hectic March was going to be.....

We have had another busy time at work and in the space of 9 x nights I had slept in 5 x different places.
13 March - Margaret River in the boys house
14-16 March - Margaret River in the Morrison family house
17 March - Row 12A on the foulness Red Eye Virgin flight from Perth to Sydney
18 March - My beloved bed
19-24 March - Hotel in Penrith. Yes lovelies, you did read that correct ... was Chiefly Towers in Penrith.

Was all more thanfine though and there was plenty of time for the cake prep once we had finished on the International Rowing Regatta.

This was our daily view at Margaret River for the surfing ... you never got tired of watching ...

Sun saying goodnight over the ocean not the city as we are used to in Sydney.

View outside my window at Penrith.... was a culture shock to go from beach to carpark ... and just accross from there is the original Krispy Kreme which I had to go through the drive thru for our German clients ... it was 0630am on a Sunday morning so thank god no one witnessed this ... and little did those cars know that in a few hours they will be completely covered in bird crap!!! It was quite amazing how much birds can crap out there ....

Now to the fun photos ....
Gingerbread people with an 'I' and a 'V" (Ian and Viv)

Vanilla cookies with patterned pink and white fondant. 

Orange and Poppyseed cupcakes with white fondant or frosting with pink roses ..

Was one of their friend's b'day on the actual wedding cake ... so an extra cake was made as a suprise

The wedding cake - this was a 2 x tier red velvet with lemon cream cheese ganache as the filling.

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