Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday's apple, cinnamon and berry pie ... with 'proper grown up' custard.....

Ohhh I am full. Right now I am Sizzler full.

Not 'The Cheesecake Factory Full' like when we were in Hawaii and I ate my body weight in mash potato and literally had to leave my love of shopping and go back to the hotel room for a lie down, but full enough to know better.

Today in Australia is Mothers Day, and as my family were gathering at Auntie's house, I thought I would attempt my first ever apple, cinnamon and berry pie completely made from scratch.

There was a few different recipes I was looking through and everyone was giving me their own advice too, I got to the point where I just took a bit from everyone and combined it all together.

90yr old Auntie Dawn who is a friend of our family, she gave me some perla advice. Even to the point on how to cut a cake in half with piece of cotton. So here I have spent money over the years on buying sharp knifes and special cake slicers ... and I could have just a piece of cotton and it all does the same trick.

Have a look at the pics and see what you think - personally I wasn't happy with the pastry as I had a bit of a 'My Kitchen Rule's moment as I didn't make enough pastry to actually cover the apple and berry pie. Thank Christ there are no cameras in my kitchen as there were a few choice words that came out of my mouth ... I took a moment thought ... then made some more ... crisis averted.

 Thickly chopped up 3 x granny smith apples added water and cinnamon.

Added the yummy berries

The pastry begins ... again my little hint of everyone is ALWAYS MAKE DOUBLE!!! 

Just like rolling fondant out for my cakes. Please ignore my jewellery imprints, didn't have enough time to take all my goodies off.

The realisation that I didn't have enough pastry. Bugger.

About a half hour later, we are there!!! Do you like the added touch of the stars? Bit of a Fiona special touch.

And straight out of the oven ...

Time to make 'proper custard'.

6 x egg yolks. Again, dont worry about buy expensive kitchen tools to split the egg yolk v egg white. Just ask your auntie who does it for free !!!

New concept for me. Actually whisking the custard by hand and not by the electric whizzer

Me getting a hand by Auntie when we had to combine the above and milk/cream concoction together.

Again ... mixing more in at just the right temperature so it doesn't curdle.

Cousin Kylie's job was sorting out the vanilla pod and getting all the seeds out for flavour.

Finally the pie makes it to the table ....

And not much left over at the end ....

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