Monday, 6 May 2013

And sometimes, we all need a bit of caramel slice ...

In Sydney the weather has turned. I suppose that's OK considering we are in May but I am one of those Sydney siders that will wear my flip flops right till the end. Must admit though that the tracky daks and uggs boots (knee high ones thank you) are on as soon a I get home ...

Anyway, when the weather turns a bit cold, I like to get in the kitchen and cook. So continuing on with my besottedness (yes this is a word in the Fiona dictionary of life) of caramel, yesterday afternoon I made a cracker caramel slice.

Just like my measurements when making a beloved vodka, lime and soda when there's a little bit of this, alot of that etc ... when making my version of caramel slice I like to do a great chunk of this, little spoonful of that and alot more of everything else. Generally this theory works!!!!

Will keep my recipe in my pink book of joy for a bit longer, just incase I enter it into the Royal Easter Show next year .. mind you am sure the hyphen hyphen judges will pick something wrong about it ... maybe cause it just tastes like PURE GOODNESS (if I can say so myself).

 Go Bertie my Kitchenaid ... never lets me down!!! Mixing the base up.

This is when you are supposed to start being precise but by this point I just want to get it all together.

Yummy!!! You ca'nt go past the smell of melting butter and golden syrup. Always reminds me of being in my Grandmothers kitchen when I was little.

Ahhh the condensed milk ...always a winner in taste, smell and touch ....

Literally have to stir for 7.5 mins (whoops, that's one of my little hints)

Just take a moment again with this chocolate. This is the pure GOLD of chocolate. The one that I can't ever pronounce but its spelt like coverture ....Another little hint is my mixture of chocolate flavours

Layer 1 - biscuit base

Layer 2 - yummy caramel

 And the pouring commences ...

Just had to add another one for effect ....

No words need to be said for this one ...

And the final result ... this was for work today ... end of the day ... only crumbs left over. Result.

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