Sunday, 16 June 2013

When cakes, a very worthy cause and Bunnings all combine.

Okay now Lovelies

Its time to get a bit serious ... well as much as I can in my life anyway ...

Yes this blog is still about cakes ... just keep reading on for the story.

The below link will direct you to a 60km walk that a few of my friends and I are doing for an INCREDIBLE cause in November.

Yes you read right!!! 60kms ... over 2 days ... how hard can that be you ask????

Freaken hard!!! We did a 10km walk last week and I was ready for a sit down very soon afterwards. Mind you there was alot of hills and stairs to climb up!!!

Anyway back to the seriousness. The toxic disease of cancer no matter what type is just an evil evil evil word.

Both my parents have been touched by different forms of cancer. Very important people in my life have lost parents, siblings and friends to the evilness.

I have even had 3 foul skin cancers scooped out of my back in the last 3 months (wear suncream kids, don't argue with your parents).

And yes, there are survival stories which are sensational but we still have a long long way to go to beat the bastard.

So ... my friends and I are not going to pretend we will find the cure for cancer (that's for the scientists) but we are going to help out by doing this 60km walk and raising money for the Chris O'Brien Life House.

This is going to be for a building at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney where people can go and get treated and looked after all at the one location. This was Chris O'Briens wish. He was the very famous and hugely respected Neurosurgeon that passed away from a brain tumour.

There's not much more to say apart from each little contribution is going to help in some sort of way. Even if its just enough for a tap in a bathroom ... that's one more tap before the start of the day isnt it ...

So lovelies, here is the link again if you would like to donate. We all very much appreciate any little contribution.

Also  have a quick look at the cake stall fundraising event we did at Artarmon Bunnings yesterday. We raised $1700 in total!!! Its a brilliant start for us!!!

You'll see everything we all prepared for the day. Lots of people helped make this day possible so thank you to all!!!! Couple of facts that we learnt yesterday too.

People are very very generous for a very worthy cause, the men are the ones that bought the melting moments and yes ALL BUNNINGS STAFF are just as nice and they appear to be on all the TV ads.

Team Lovelies (you can tell by that who picked the name and who the Captain of the team is ....) Just missing one member Kate who is in Germany at the moment but she is there in the photo in spirit.

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