Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Wiggles cake, a wedding cake and an awesome Xmas memory ....

Hello Lovelies, just a couple of cakes to bring us up to this crazy time of year.

First one is a Wiggles themed cake for 1yr old Hallie (2nd generation cake as I made the parents Matt and Tammy, their 6 tierd wedding cake couple of years ago ..... and a wedding cake for a really lovely couple that I hadn't actually met until today ... they loved the look of the cake and I did too. Loved the fresh flowers.

And now we have to make mention of what is happening in a few days.

Christmas. Do you say it with a tone of excitement or tone of pure dread.

I am most of the time the latter.

I do however love the idea though of christmas lights on houses, eating ham and Bernadette's baked creamy potato until I am holding my tummy and watching someones face when they open the present you really thought they would like ...

Every family has their own stories and my entire family is no different. We have had some absolute horror Xmas days over the early years and even though I am not a girl who dwells on the past, its just this time of year that my most awesome ability to recite and remember all memories ... well you get it ... it all comes back to me.

BUT!! The last few years since I have been back living in Australia and along with my nieces and nephew being born and my friends having babies, they are all getting better and better and eventually when I have my own babies, this time of year will be perfect!!!

Someone asked me the other day, what has been your best Xmas. Hands down, didn't even have to think ... was the year 2000 going into 2001. Els, Sareybear and I were living in Linden Gardens, Chiswick W4 London.

The whole lead up to Xmas with work parties and neighbours parties and Els and I deciding to host Xmas day for friends that had no family in London. Sareybear and Marcus were having some romantic rendezvous time at Marcus's home (they then moved in together and bought their first home at Archway a few months later, their Xmas wishes came true) ....

All following pics are old school from my Year 2000 photo album ... love all these memories!!! This was me, Els and Ems at the Disney Xmas party at the Natural History Museum in London. Biggest most incredible party ever.

No black cabs would stop for us ... but Tony the Truck Driver did .... up me, Els and Ems climbed into the truck in our posh dresses and Tony drove us all home. Right to our front doors ...what a bless!!!

 This was the Linden Gardens v Silver Crescent Xmas Tree competition. The orange is the boys tree and the one of the right is ours ... That's me and Sareybear below at the boys house just after we declared ourselves the winners that year .... And check out the fully stocked fridge. Best ever.

Xmas Day in the year 2000. Started off at 07:00 with all the kitchen prep and more or less finished 24 hours later ... Life long friendships were made that day ... there were Aussies, Kiwis, Brits and a Canadian ... There was so much laughing, singing, food and champagne and it snowed after midnight!!!! 

Me, Ems and Diddies even went to Church cause we thought we had too ... we were late so got shuffled in the front row and when it came time to drink the wine and eat that bread thing .... the whole congregation was staring at us to make the move and start the process ... we left soon after that ... 

It was a white Xmas ... London just changes ... incredible.

So I will finish this blog saying Merry Xmas to everyone around the world, to you and all your families. May you watch 'Love Actually' for the 8th time and the most absolute fact I love about Xmas Day ... no matter where you are around the world, "National Lampoons Xmas Vacation' is always on in the evening ... I promise you that.

So go get yourself a glass or few of champers and from me.... lots of love and pashes under the mistletoe  ... Fiona xxx

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