Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bringing back tradition with the wedding fruit cake ....

Hello and welcome back ..... didn't realise its been 7 months since I last updated the cake blog.

Will start with the fruit cake I am trying to get right. I am not a traditionalist in any way (expect for loving the Royal Family), however I do like the fact that the fruit cake is on the come back in relation to wedding cakes.

There are millions of recipes out there there with everyones thoughts and opinions ... so with this one below ... as usual I am using a bit of everyones thoughts and going with my own version ... I still have 4 months to get it perfect.

Have a look the glass bowl of joy that has about half a bottle of brandy in there that made my kitchen smell like a distillery ... this has been soaking for approx 48 hours to try and get the flavour right.

Right the mixture just about to go into the oven ... what the pic doesn't show is the chaos surrounding my kitchen bench which includes bit of almonds flying everywhere which I had to hammer to get in small enough pieces, dropping and smashing 2 x eggs cause a day doesn't go past without me breaking something ... and knocking over the jar of treacle which you can just imagine how nice and sticky that is ... oh well its all fixable.

And the end result ... crossing fingers it tastes OK.

The fruit cake is for a big wedding that the mother of the bride as asked me to make. I did their engagement cake back in February ... the pic is below .... it was the leaning tower of sponge cake ...

Was very worried when I dropped this cake off and set it up... it was so fresh and soft and literally straight out of the oven.... it just didn't want to settle. It did though and came down to the coolness of a marble wall which we leant it up against ... see there's always a solution.

Will try and give you a quick overview now of the world of cakes over the past 7 months in-between the world of Telly being way too chaotic for words right now ...there's been quite few banana cakes, choc hazelnut cakes with caramel sauce, cupcakes for all b'days but we would be here for a while so got a few picked out below ...

Got published in Real Weddings with one of my cakes from last year. Woohoo!!!
Slowing getting there ...

The below wedding cake I made for Georgina and Tom (my cake friend Kirstie did the incredible flowers) ... then a few months later they asked me to make the superman cake ..... which just quietly was made in my new home in MY CAKE STUDIO!!!! Loving it.


Did the Sydney Wedding Expo in April. Huge massive effort with help from family and friends. Looked really good and have got some great upcoming weddings too from just being there.


That's it for now, however there is a few more cakes coming up on over the next coupla weeks before we head back over to the USA for work ... stand by please callers xxxx

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